Why the NDP Is Leading in the Polls

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Why the NDP Is Leading in the Polls Empty Why the NDP Is Leading in the Polls

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:05 am

[size=32][ltr]In the past two months, the NDP was basically leading in all the national opinion polls. The Globe and Mail recently published an election forecast with the backup of polling numbers and other data. The national paper says if the election was held today, the NDP had a 49 per cent chance to form the next government, whereas the Conservative Party had 50 per cent and the Liberal Party only three per cent.
Last month, an EKOS poll result indicated that the NDP had a national support of 31.3 per cent, the Conservatives 29.2 per cent and the Liberal Party 23.9 per cent. The significant part of this survey is that the polling firm also asked the participants to name their second choice as a measurement of room for growth. After including the second choices, the NDP's support reached 51.2 per cent, enough to form a majority government, whereas the Conservative Party got merely 35.8 per cent. That means that while the NDP is leading, there is still room for their support to grow. As for the governing party, even with the second choice votes, it is not enough to even win the election.
So why did the NDP pull ahead in the recent months? Some said leading or peaking three months ahead of an election is not a good sign but I disagree.
The upcoming federal election is very much like the Toronto mayoral election last year. Like Rob Ford, Harper's Conservative Party is despised by the majority of voters. Since winning a majority government, the Conservatives' extreme policies, legislations and governance have shocked people of insight. Just to name a few examples: their new Citizenship Act turned all immigrants into second-class citizens; they have hadover a dozen legislations struck down by Canada's Supreme Court because they are contrary to the constitution. Not only did such scrutiny waste taxpayers' resources, the valuable time of the court and the parliament, it also caused chaos in the government's operation and enforcement of the law. Prime Minister Harper and Justice Minister MacKay's unprecedented attacks on the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court last year undermined our justice system and were outrageous.
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