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Mr Straw introduced the act in 2000 but his place on a panel examining its work has been criticised by campaigners.
The ex-Labour MP has said inquiries about ministerial communications and the formulation of government policy should not be allowed any more.
But he told the BBC the review would weigh the evidence carefully including that from groups opposed to the act.
The review was launched by the Cabinet Office amid concerns within government that "sensitive information" was not being protected.
The Campaign for Freedom of Information, however, says the panel does not include any advocates for transparency. It suggest changes will see more requests being refused, resulting in "bad decisions and policy mistakes" concealed.
The five-member committee also includes former Conservative Home Secretary Michael Howard, some of whose decisions in government were disclosed using the act. It will be headed by Lord Burns, the most senior civil servant in the Treasury between 1991 and 1998.
The other members are Lib Dem peer Lord Carlile, the former Independent Reviewer of terrorism legislation, and Dame Patricia Hodgson, chair of the broadcasting regulator Ofcom.

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