Is Genetic/Racial Superiority Valid?

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Is Genetic/Racial Superiority Valid? Empty Is Genetic/Racial Superiority Valid?

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 18, 2015 5:55 pm

It just recently dawned on me, after thinking about dogs, that all life can be bred to advance certain traits. Because of this, wouldn't it be possibly to bred an advanced human being? That's really the core of my argument. If you take the most brilliant and intellectually inclined and you keep breeding them, or you have a society more inclined to mental and intellectual pursuits and whose life is increasingly centered around such things, wouldn't it be fair to guess that you would breed intellectually superior people down the line?

There is one major problem with this, however, and that is that in the end, what I suggested is technically not Genetic/Racial superiority, but more like conditioning or engineering in that the ability to advance a particular human trait like intelligence or strength is not exclusive to a particular race. Still, if the effort was continuously emphasized on a particular part of humanity while others lacked in this effort for whatever reason, wouldn't you effectively be creating a genetically superior breed?

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