Gay Weddings and Regional Freedom

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 Gay Weddings and Regional Freedom Empty Gay Weddings and Regional Freedom

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:00 am

There is a controversy in America regarding allowing businesses to refuse to serve gay weddings. I am in no way a homophobe; however I fully stand with the businesses having this right.

The reason is this: It is their own business. If I was running a business, I would most certainly not want to be servicing neo-Nazis or the Taliban. If a businessman thinks that homosexuality is bad, he has every right not to serve gay clients.

There are enough gay, or tolerant, people who have done well in America that the gay clientele are not limited to having to go to businesses that hate them. There are plenty of businesses run by gays, and there are plenty of businesses run by tolerant straight people. A businessman who doesn't want to serve gay clients should not be forced to do so.

As for the gay marriage, I agree with any number of politicians that it should be left to the states. For as long as there is freedom to roam in America, a gay person can get away from people to hate him and go where he is welcome. This will be good for him, and it will be good for his home state. He won't have to deal with their authoritarian attitudes, and they won't have to deal with him.

Liberty should be protected at both the regional and the individual level; and that means each region's right to its own character and the unlimited freedom for people to move among regions to find a place that works for them. You cannot force tolerance; you can however give a way for people to go to places that would be tolerant to them. This is how America started, and this is why it remains the world's greatest country. Texas should be able to define marriage the way that it wants to define marriage. And the people who don't want such a thing can leave for California or Massachusetts.

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